Vision For The Future

Apart from the Elite Luxury Class Platform we’ve built, we are looking forward to creating a Premium community for people to buy, sell, and discuss limited edition luxury products.

Also, we are lookin’ to develop the next 7 Business ideas:

  • A luxury publishing company that engages writers / bloggers to produce thought provoking articles for our readers. The website also hosts curated products and services targeted to ultra high net worth individuals.
  • A platform for people of wealth to connect, engage, and share their passion + separate subdomain / website that helps aggregate luxury products and services (Airbnb, Uber, etc). which will include modern UI and UX.
  • A community where people looking to learn more about building wealth can connect with others that have built or are building their wealth.
  • An aggregator for luxury estate agents, tax money advisors, and accountants. Fast & secure data exchange platform with no middle-man. Fair revenue share on Ad network and customer’s lifetime value.
  • Converting content and knowledge into easily digestible training packages. Nowadays, long articles are too long to read. For example, in the food industry, there are just too many ways of how each main ingredient can be cooked differently – I would create a shorter format for an expert to teach – a short course on one ingredient but very concise and to the point. (Would work with a nutritionist, chef or similar).
  • A service platform for the wealthy to manage their portfolio of assets which will help them lower their tax rate, manage their use of vehicles, and maximize life experiences.
  • A funding platform for bloggers and social media influencers that gives them financial tools to build audiences, increase engagement, and maybe even monetize their channels.
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