Chainsaw Man Review

Chainsaw Man Unleashed: A Whirlwind of Gory Glory & Devilish Delight

Unleashing the “Chainsaw Man”

Welcome, folks—your go-to gauge for the drip or drought in media! Today, we’re slicing deep into “Chainsaw Man,” an anime that’s been stirring up more buzz than the announcement of a celestial sequel to The Holy Book. This season, it feels like all the anime channels were just channels for this one hype train.

Chainsaw man - Denji transformed


So what pumped the excitement to the max?

Three words: Animated by MAPPA. For those out of the loop, that’s like saying Beyoncé will drop by your local karaoke night. The hype stew was simmering, and you bet I had my spoon ready with sky-high expectations. And guess what? It wasn’t just hot air; this show rocked my socks off!

Now, before you think I’m just riding the wave, let’s rip into what makes this beast roar.


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  • “Chainsaw Man” anime review: a whirlwind of action and humour.
  • Animated by MAPPA, ensuring top-notch quality.
  • The plot features devils and devil hunters with a unique twist.
  • Protagonist Denji transforms into Chainsaw Man for epic battles.
  • Characters are hilariously relatable and deeply flawed.
  • The anime has sparked a vibrant and engaged fan community.
  • Action scenes are beautifully animated, gory, and intense.
  • Despite minor gripes, the humour and creativity shine.
  • Season length is short but leaves audiences craving more.
  • Overall, it is a must-watch for fans of action-packed anime.



All About That Plot and Those Devilishly Delightful Characters

“The plot isn’t breaking the mould,” you might say, and you’d be right. It’s textbook anime stuff—devils roaming the land, with devil hunters in tow. We’re tagging along with these supernatural pest controllers, but hold up, there’s a twist!

Denji and Chainsaw Devil

Our main man has jived with the Chainsaw Devil (Pochita), complete with a pull cord dangling from his chest. When it’s clobberin’ time, a yank of the cord unleashes chainsaw havoc from limbs and noggin. The narrative may not be a narrative novelty, but wow, does it get gnarly!


The characters, though? Riotous blast.

Denji and his devil

Take Denji, our protagonist. He’s your average hormone-driven teenager with hilariously simple dreams that often skew towards the erotic, the boob-obsessed era exemplified. Add to that a first kiss where the girl hurls into his mouth, and you’ve got the wild, the wacky, and the Chainsaw Man!

Chainsaw Man: Power Boobs


A Wild Community and Action That Packs a Punch

Somehow, this anime has given birth to a hornier Twitter community than the aficionados of “Genshin Impact.” It’s like “Chainsaw Man” sent out the bat signal for thirst posts, and people wholeheartedly obliged, engaging in spirited debates over waifu supremacy. It’s a veritable full-time virtual water cooler of desire.

Denji - the chainsaw man


But let’s swing back to the main point: the action. MAPPA has breathed life into every slashing frame with the finesse of anime Michelangelos.

Despite stretching themselves across countless projects, these folks are like the art world’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, taking on roles aplenty but always smashing them out of the park. With each fight in “Chainsaw Man,” there’s a clear commitment to excellence, gory, intense, and asking you to crank the volume to eleven.

Chainsaw man going on a rampage


Other characters get their shine too, via devilish contracts granting them rad powers. Picture a hunter with a ghostly arm for stealthy strangling or harnessing cursed devils for otherworldly shenanigans. It’s a fresh take that makes every brawl a spectacle of creativity.


The Devil’s in the Details: Minor Gripes and Major Praise

Denji kun from Chainsaw man


Sure, there are tiny things I could nitpick at, like sometimes getting a tad lost in its character’s libidinous antics, but it’s all in good fun. Plus, it’s one of those rare anime where the humour hits the mark, tickling my funny bone more than once. Honestly, it’s quite invigorating. “Chainsaw Man” manages to avoid falling into genre stereotypes; instead, it leverages them to thrust you into thrilling action sequences. It’s akin to watching a fireworks display where each explosion is a designed moment of animated brilliance.

Aki from Chainsaw man


The Long and Short of It: Season Length and Looking Ahead

Aki calling Kon Devil


Now, the one little letdown?

The season clocks in at a lean 12 episodes. In the grand scheme of heart-pumping anime, “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Demon Slayer” served us more meat with 24 and 26 episodes, respectively, but “Chainsaw Man” offers an appetiser that leaves you hungry for the main course.

Aki fighting skills - chainsaw man


Here’s hoping the quality keeps riding high in future seasons, no petering out, please! More episodes would let us really sink our teeth into this thrilling world and its gory glory.


The Verdict: A Masterstroke

Chainsaw man Verdict


Plugging this into “Chainsaw Man” slashes its way to a slick 90! I’m tossing out that recommendation like beads at Mardi Gras, especially for you “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Demon Slayer” connoisseurs out there. So, did it live up to the cyclone of hype surrounding it? Abso-freakin’-lutely.


Note: This has been your host dishing out the deets on “Chainsaw Man.” Let the hype be your guide, and if you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments!


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